Have I ever mentioned that Tim and I hate painting? It’s not that it’s hard, it just sucks.

We are not great direction followers.  We like to skip steps.  In painting, the steps are important. We want to follow the directions and do the steps, but we don’t. We want to get beautiful, meticulous results, but we don’t.

Don’t get me wrong.  Our finished projects turn out fine.  Especially if you don’t look super closely. I’m assuming we’ll get better over the years.  Maybe even grow to love painting. For now, it sucks.

It’s no different with this camper project.  If we didn’t know we hated that paneling and didn’t know how much better The Prospector would look with a fresh coat of white paint, we would have said forget it.  But here we are, trying to follow the steps, trying to get it right.

Here are some before, in progress, and after shots of The Prospector’s paint job!


Holy grainy, photos, batman! The lighting and dinginess makes it such a pain to get a good pic of the inside of the camper! 

The white spots on the wall are wood putty we put on the paneling where it had splintered, and cracked.


IN PROGRESSimg_20160625_165153.jpg

isn’t taping everyone’s favorite part? luckily there wasn’t much to cover.
roller use negotiations




Painting is basically done, just touch up to be done, but I don’t have any more photos.  Lots more coming soon!

Here are a couple from our instagram account @Smith_Family_Renovations


The process

  1. We filled as many of the imperfections in the paneling as we could with wood putty, let it dry, and sanded it down.  Most of the surfaces got a light sanding.
  2. After cleaning up the dust as best we could, we covered the counter tops and windows with tape and plastic.
  3. We used KILZ Premium Primer on all the walls and surfaces, applied by brushes and rollers. Honestly, I wish we had used the Zinner Bullseye primer. Priming took two coats. Didn’t cover as well as I hoped.
  4. White semi-gloss paint was applied with a sprayer.  Best thing we could have done. Worked like a charm. More on that, hopefully soon. It took a couple coats, but it looks pretty fab. Some touch up work is still to be done.

Well friends, thanks for checking out Transformation Tuesday! It is quite the transformation how great it looks now. Eventually I will figure out how to get better photos and will have more to share, soon!

What do you think of the transformation, folks? Let me know. And don’t forget to check out our other #theprospector posts! Click the photo below: