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July 2016

transformation tuesday | Painting The Prospector

Have I ever mentioned that Tim and I hate painting? It’s not that it’s hard, it just sucks.

We are not great direction followers.  We like to skip steps.  In painting, the steps are important. We want to follow the directions and do the steps, but we don’t. We want to get beautiful, meticulous results, but we don’t.

Don’t get me wrong.  Our finished projects turn out fine.  Especially if you don’t look super closely. I’m assuming we’ll get better over the years.  Maybe even grow to love painting. For now, it sucks.

It’s no different with this camper project.  If we didn’t know we hated that paneling and didn’t know how much better The Prospector would look with a fresh coat of white paint, we would have said forget it.  But here we are, trying to follow the steps, trying to get it right. Continue reading “transformation tuesday | Painting The Prospector”

Blender Guacamole Ranch

This quick and easy guaca-ranch sauce is perfect for chip dippin’, burger toppin’, or veggie coverin’.

My favorite way to enjoy it is on turkey burgers.  We buy Jennie-O ‘all white meat’ turkey burgers from our grocer’s freezer.  They are tasty tasty tasty.

Here in cow happy Nebraska people are a little hesitant of non beef burgers. “What, you don’t like beef? You too good for beef? Why use something besides beef?


Well, disgruntled neighbor, it’s just a nice change from your regular beefy cheeseburger, which, duh, I love too. Not to mention, turkey is healthier. Topped with provolone or pepper jack cheese and you’re in for a real treat. “What, now American cheese isn’t good enough for you? Don’t you love  America?!?” …. sigh.


Back to the sauce, this creamy, ranchy, spicy guacamole sauce is just the best. And it is easy to make.  All the ingredients go right into your blender! A little chopping, a couple vroom vrooms from the blender, and you’re ready to go. Continue reading “Blender Guacamole Ranch”

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