Work has begun on our vintage Champion travel trailer — The Prospector

Our first steps were to basically demo whatever is not staying in the camper. Some things are coming out because they are damaged/broken. Some are coming out because we need or want something different.

Here’s a quick look at the before pics. Click the photo to see the whole post.



  • The ‘desk’ on the right end of the camper had to go. It’s just not functional for us.  Custom ‘dinette to bed’ area coming soon. It’s in the works!


  • The sub-floor was rotted just to right of the door from water damage, so Tim cut it out. We patched up the floor and we’ll then put new vinyl plank flooring throughout. We just bought some from Home Depot


  • The wall by the door was also water damaged, so Tim took out the paneling.  A new sheet  or hardboard is replacing it, and all walls will be getting a coat of fresh white paint.


  • The propane heater didn’t work, gurl bye. Maybe we can put some extra storage in its place.


  • Tim wants to run the whole thing on electricity rather than propane, and since the propane heater wasn’t working anyway, the stove is coming out too. I’m wondering if we could put a microwave right there instead…


  • The ceiling panels are sort of bowed and have wallpaper glue residue on them, they’ll be coming down.  Looking to put up some thin poplar sheets and leaving them light and neutral.


  • The original fridge  came out because it wasn’t working right.  I actually really liked it because it had a cool color thing on the inside! But we have a black mini fridge we’re putting in it’s place.


  • Dude the plumbing  has been a pain in the butt.  We have to put a water pump in and new water hose through out.  Let’s just say that’s still in progress after several orders from Amazon and thousands of trips to Ace Hardware.


  • We put in a new counter top! It’s white and lovely and even with the rest of the camper not finished, it makes it look better in there.


Here are some messy work in progress photos. We are ready to kick this project into high gear!


Check back for more soon! ❤