Here’s the scene. Friday 5 pm. Tim’s at work. Kids are getting hungry.. We already had hot dogs twice this week.. I’m out of bread.. Need to get a veggie into them tonight.. Kids are whining.. I’m tired.. What am I gonna make us for supper?!

Making supper while Tim is at work is a challenge that is always evolving. My two little ones are finally at stages where they’re both eating about the same amount and they pretty much eat what I eat. That being said I’m not one to have a sophisticated pallet or be picky about eating kid food (grilled cheese, hot dogs, mac n cheese, etc).

This Knorr Pasta Sides meal has become a weekly staple in our quick and easy supper plans. It’s great for the end of week when your cupboards are bare and your patience is thin.

All you need is Knorr Alfredo Broccoli Pasta Sides and the ingredients it calls for (Milk, water, butter), one cup of fresh chopped broccoli, a can of chicken, salt and pepper and just a little garlic powder, and a hearty sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. I pretty much always have these items on hand!

The Knorr packages are usually $1 at Walmart, so this meal is cheap, too!

Just these few ingredients and you can turn a “pasta side” into a quick and yummy pasta meal.


Follow the package directions to get the milk, water, and butter boiling.


As that is cookin’, I  prepare the stars of the meal – my broccoli and chicken.


I like to have the broccoli in really small pieces and I don’t like to eat the stems. So, I start with four cups of frozen florets, put them in my big measuring cup with hot water to thaw the broccoli, and then drain the water and get to chopping. After this process I’m left with roughly a cup of chopped broccoli.


To prep the chicken, go ahead and open the can, and drain the water. Next I like to add salt and pepper and garlic powder in the can. Then I use my small spatula that fits right in the can and chop the chunks up nice and small.


Once your pot is boiling, add the contents of the package, the broccoli, and the chicken. Stir it all up!


Follow the package directions to cook the noodles.  At the end of cooking time, stir in a hearty shake of parmesan cheese.  This can be fresh or from the can. It really amps up the cheesy flavor!


Be sure to let your meal stand for a couple minutes, and viola- it is done.

Another thing I almost always have on hands is frozen garlic cheese bread. It is the perfect addition to this meal. It really makes it seem like a fancy dinner rather than a throw together meal from a $1 package.


I really wish my phone hadn’t died the moment the meal was done. I would have loved to include a couple pics of my little ones chowing down.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments! How do you jazz up prepackaged meals? I love to add a little something extra to make each meal special!

Thanks for reading!


Knorr Pasta Sides