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May 2016

Getting to work on our vintage travel trailer

Work has begun on our vintage Champion travel trailer — The Prospector

Our first steps were to basically demo whatever is not staying in the camper. Some things are coming out because they are damaged/broken. Some are coming out because we need or want something different.

Here’s a quick look at the before pics. Click the photo to see the whole post.



  • The ‘desk’ on the right end of the camper had to go. It’s just not functional for us.  Custom ‘dinette to bed’ area coming soon. It’s in the works!

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Jazzed up Knorr Pasta Sides

Here’s the scene. Friday 5 pm. Tim’s at work. Kids are getting hungry.. We already had hot dogs twice this week.. I’m out of bread.. Need to get a veggie into them tonight.. Kids are whining.. I’m tired.. What am I gonna make us for supper?!

Making supper while Tim is at work is a challenge that is always evolving. My two little ones are finally at stages where they’re both eating about the same amount and they pretty much eat what I eat. That being said I’m not one to have a sophisticated pallet or be picky about eating kid food (grilled cheese, hot dogs, mac n cheese, etc).

This Knorr Pasta Sides meal has become a weekly staple in our quick and easy supper plans. It’s great for the end of week when your cupboards are bare and your patience is thin. Continue reading “Jazzed up Knorr Pasta Sides”

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