We had a great time at The Rural Route Rust sale a week ago this  last Saturday! The weather was cloudy, but it didn’t rain.  There was plenty to look at, stuff for Ivy to do, and yummy food. It was great to see Tim’s sister Suzie and her son Easton there, too!

I can tell you though, next time we’re not bringing the kids. It’s nice and all to have a family day doing something different than the usual, but Tim and  I like to look, I mean reeeally look, at all there is to buy. And it just works better if we are looking together. Unfortunately that wasn’t happening.

We did still buy some cool stuff. A metal pan for Ivy’s new outdoor kitchen. An old saw blade.An old vice. A pretty yellow apron. A Mexican clay pot for the camper. A “Noah’s Ark” Golden Book..

Another thing that is difficult to do when you’re pushing a stroller and chasing a three year old is take pictures.  So the two above are all I got. Oh and this gem I put on my Instagram.

I’m @smith_family_renovations

But here’s a few shots of our goodies. 🙂

man stuff. besides the whisk. that baby is mine!


I love vintage aprons and I super love yellow!
A closeup of the detail.. I can not resist yellow!!
This pot will be the perfect accent on the counter in our camper!
This cute old pot is for Ivy’s outdoor kitchen that Tim built. 

Overall I would love to go back to this sale again.  It was wonderful to see our OldCottonwood friends and visit the livestock on the Bloom Where you are Planted Farm.

Until next time! ❤ Has anyone been out junkin this spring? I’d love to hear about your treasures! I’m hoping to check out another sale that was featured on my Can’t Miss Spring Junk Sales post this weekend in Jansen, Nebraska.