Here’s the official BEFORE photo post of our sweet vintage camper, AND guess what, we’ve given her a name….

Meet The Prospector



She’s dirty, a little broken down, and a bit busted.  No worries though, we will fix The Prospector up and hit the camp sites in style!

Preliminary plans are to take out the “desk’ area seen in the 4th and 5th photos and put in a custom-built dinette that will convert to a bed.

Upon initial investigation, it looks like we’ll have to replace the fridge, even though I love how the inside looks with the blue triangle pattern, VERY SEVENTY’S! There’s a small heating unit below it that we’re taking out too.

One thing that I didn’t get a shot of was the pull down bed above the bench/bed with the blue mattress on it.  I can’t image anyone sleeping up there. I’d kinda like to make it a storage area, but we’ll see. Tim did say he’d sleep there.

Also there’s no photo of the ‘bathroom’, but you’re not missing anything there :p

Besides a good cleaning and pulling out/replacing the pieces that aren’t functional for us, this beauty is getting a coat of paint and new floors.

I put together a little moodboard/collage to guide us through the design and decor process.

Collage 2016-02-29 07_03_12

We’re keeping it modern western/southwestern. Rustic flooring, white walls, gold accents, and tribal inspired patterns. I already got a cute little Nate Berkus rug for in front of the sink and oven.

Well finally this project is ready to start rolling. I can’t wait to get it clean and gutted out. I’m guessing that’ll be our first step.

What do you think of the name and direction we’re going?

Thanks your feedback, friends!