Oh yes, we made some decisions and jumped right in.

My ‘reclaiming our basement’ introduction post can be found by clicking the photo!

Reclaiming Our

SO, as you read before, we are completely renovating our basement after some flooding last summer/fall.  New flooring, some new drywall, new paint.  I was hung up on all the decisions!

A big decision we had to make right off the bat was what type of flooring we wanted down there.  It had just flooded from lots of rain, plus we have a SERIOUSLY FINICKY SEPTIC SYSTEM. Did we really want to put new carpet down just to have it flood again?

In our kitchen we have luxury vinyl “wood” plank flooring that we love. It was easy to install, went right over the existing linoleum, and is water resistant.  So, that was one option.

Oooh, luxury.

We even threw around the idea of sealing and painting the concrete.

The basement to me though is for kids playing and us all relaxing on the couch.  Comfy-cozy-warm.  I just wasn’t feeling the idea of wood or tiles or concrete.

Carpet seemed like the way to go. But 1. We wanted it cheap. 2. We couldn’t afford installation. And 3. We didn’t feel up to tackling installation ourselves.  What to do, what to do?

Luckily at Menards we came across these residential carpet tiles.  I had sorta counted carpet tile out because I had looked at it before, and it was expensive and often not soft or cozy feeling AT ALL.  But the ones we found at Menards were soft and on sale.  And we could totally peel and stick them down all by ourselves.

Over the next week we decided to go with it, and even decided to drive a couple hours to pick up 20 boxes from a Menards in Elkhorn so we could have them right meow.


Installation was… interesting. I can’t say it came out perfectly, but it looks good and I love the color.  Hopefully they’ll stand the test of time.  A bonus is that we can replace them one at a time in case of spills, excessive wear, or moisture.

Our second decision was paint.  That’s always a choice that takes me a long time to make.  After a lot of contemplation, Tim and I decided that gray walls and floor would be fine together.  When trying to find the perfect paint color, I like to use the Valspar Color Selector to look through the different categories. I can usually then search on Pinterest for rooms painted in the colors I like from Valspar to see how it looks on a wall.

The color we went with is Valspar Rocky Shelter.


Let me say that I am too impatient, too cheap, and too lazy to pick/buy samples to try.  I just pick one and go with it. Unless it turns out totally bad (which did happen with our first kitchen color choice!), it is what it is.

This Rocky Shelter gray color came out much more light blue than I was hoping for.  Overall though I do really like it! It looks great with the carpet and the fireplace.

I didn’t want to post a full wall photo because the trim isn’t on yet, but here is a closeup.


I don’t know. It doesn’t look blue in this pic at all, does it?.  The lighting is always different down there with all the light coming in the walk-out patio doors. So far I am digging it.

for those of you keeping score 😉

Along with paint I wanted to decide on an overall color scheme.  Cue Pinterest for that one! I have a board with 500+ pins that is basically just color chips and schemes. (Click HERE to see it; it’s definitely worth a look.) I love following design seeds.  They post lots of color pallets to fit any design taste and season.

Here is what I decided on.


What can I say? Sometimes I’m bold and sometimes I’m this.


Next steps are the rustic wood treatment we’re putting on the front of the bar, and deciding on trim.

Stay tuned friends, and thanks! ❤