Hey readers! Isn’t it just wonderful when you give the perfect gift to a loved one? Maybe it’s the gift that she never knew she needed. Or the gift he really wanted but never expected to get.  It is such a great feeling to have your gift truly appreciated, and for your efforts to be recognized.

This Christmas Tim and I gave my Grandma Schwartz the perfect gift.  I really hate to brag, but even she said it was perfect.  Useful, attractive, needed, and handmade just for her.

What was this awesome gift? A coat rack.

Doesn’t sound so special does it? Well, she really needed one, and had for some time.  We had talked about it before, and we weren’t sure where to get one.  Her old one had a habit of A. Not holding enough coats, and B. Falling over.

So the idea of making one for her came to mind.  And of course I went to Pinterest to find some inspiration.

Our main inspiration was from the blog Shanty 2 Chic.  I figured it would be more beneficial for you to view their tutorial, because these ladies know how to make stuff and more importantly how to document and describe the steps. Click the next photo to visit their blog! Keep scrolling here to see how we put ours together and how grandma’s coat rack turned out.


DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Tree


You can tell from this photo that the post that Tim used was ‘reclaimed’, meaning it’s not perfectly straight or free from flaws.  Tim sanded and planed it to make it smooth as butter.


Here’s a close up of how we did the base and supporting pieces.  There are spacers underneath the ends of the top base board so that the whole things sits flat and sturdy.


Here she is stained before the hooks went on.  We also decided at this point to cut it down about 10 inches shorter.



The finished project as desired. We’re so glad she liked it and it was great to spend very little money on such a heartfelt gift.

Thanks guys for reading part two of our Handmade Smith Christmas.  Stay tuned for part three soon!



Reclaimed Wood