Decorating for Christmas really gets you in the spirit of things, don’t you think? We put our tree up, and bam, yuletide joy. Around here we like to do things a little out of the box.  So instead of a green tree with red and gold, or silver and blue, or green and red, or any other expected color choices, we went with something more original.  Here are my top three favorite fresh Christmas color combinations. Read on to see which one we use at our home  🙂

Purple and Gold


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Best with a nice green tree, purple and gold is a beautiful combination for Christmas.  Besides being aesthetically pleasing, I love how purple and gold both exude royalty.  Christ is our king, and having this color combination reflects that. If you’re a Vikings fan, this combo is even better.  (I am not.)

Red and Teal

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To me, this fun color combination is perfectly paired with a white tree or silver. I love red and teal because it can give a vintage vibe, which is  why I chose it for our tree. I am going to include red with turquoise in this group, too. Turquoise is just an all around fun color.

Green and Pink

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Green and pink is such a vibrant pair.  As you can see from the photos, you could use it with a green or white tree.  Your green and be kelly or lime or forest, and you pink can be bright or fuchsia or pale.  Maybe you don’t think of pink being Christmas-y.  But I see it as festive and fresh.

Since I was able to find images of trees and homes decked out in these color combinations, clearly they’re not brand new ideas. But, they are more original and unexpected than red and green, red and gold, and others.

What colors do you pair up at Christmas? I’d love to read your responses below! Also connect with me on Instagram by snapping a photo of your unexpected decor and tagging #smithfamilyrenovations. I’ll give you a like and a follow, and I will also share one on my Facebook page.

Here’s mine! See the rest of my instagram photos here:

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Thanks for reading friends.  I hope you’re enjoying a blessed Christmas season without getting too bogged down with our never-ending to do lists and expectations.



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