Besides a kind heart and a love for Jesus, an admiration of books and reading is the number one thing I could hope to instill in my children.  Reading opens up a whole amazing world of imagination that television and the Internet can not.  I was an early reader and an avid reader.  It helped me to excel in school early on and allowed me to establish confidence in myself.

It is well known that reading to your children when they’re young sets a foundation for them to enjoy books later on.  Another thing you can do to encourage reading is setting up a special spot in your home for you child to read.

Often times called a ‘reading nook’, this special place can give your child an area to relax and immerse themselves in a good book.

I am hoping to implement a reading nook in my Ivy’s room very soon.  I found a lot of beautiful examples on Pinterest.  So, here are my favorite ones. You can find even more and see the sources for the photos below on my Pinterest board here.

I could devote whole post  to my love of play tipis! I just think they are fun and cute and amazing.  We have to got have one! I’ve been reading up on how to make one because they’re a little pricey.  Another thing I am digging about this reading nook is that the books are accessible for the kiddo using it.  You could even rotate books from the higher shelves down to the bottom so your kiddo doesn’t get tired of the same old books.
There are a couple things I really love about this one.  First, it is geared for a boy.  Often times people think of girls as the ones who love reading, but reading is for everyone.  It’s important to encourage our sons to love books.  Second, that crib mattress they’re reusing here – THE BOMB.  It’s just super smart because you’re bound to have an extra one once baby is done with the crib and toddler bed.
I  picked this one because I am sucker for unicorns and fun pillows.  Seriously though. Doesn’t that look super comfortable? It even has a shag rug and extra stuffies near by.  I also ADORE that pink basket.  I can see my Ivy utilizing a space like this one.
I pinned this image mostly because it is beautiful.  In my family white would not be a good choice. Not for the the kids and not for me. I do love the canopy.  Close it up and your child has a little secret hiding place to dive into a good book.
With this picture we can see you don’t need a lot of extra room to create a spot for your child to read.  I love how this one is decorated with the letter pages, and the shelf above is a great use of space.  Also I’m pretty sure that is a magazine holder being used to hold the books.  Super awesome.  I love reusing things!

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So how can you create a reading nook for your child?  I have a few tips!

Define the space

This can be done a number of ways.  As some of the photos above depict, you can use a tipi or canopy of sorts to make the nook separate from the rest of the room.  If you don’t want to buy or make a canopy or tipi, you could use a curtain and rod.  Another idea I had was to paint the designated wall or corner a different color than the rest of the room.  Ivy’s room is white and I’m planning on leaving that way, but wouldn’t it be cute to paint one corner a fun color? I’m sure she’d even have some idea of what color she’d like.  Which leads me to the next tip.

Allow your child to help

Even the youngest little ones like to have a say about their surroundings.  If you let your kiddo pick out pillows to use or a paint color to use, he or she will take ownership of the space, and in turn enjoy it more.  A sense of ownership may even inspire your child to help keep the space tidy. We can dream right? Really though, let your child have a say in where the nook will be, how to it is decorated, ect to ensure they’re gaining a space they will use.  Your child may even do this on their own.  I remembering camping out in my closet to read when I was a kid.  It was my own little space away from the rest of the world. Oh, and it was comfortable.

Comfy and accessible

Add pillows, reuse that crib mattress, give them a cozy blanket.  Make sure the nook is a place they can comfortably kick back.  You want them to stay awhile, right?!  Also, the books should be where the child can reach.  This will come naturally if your child is helping you set it up; but an adult designed space may have tall bookcases or high shelves.  Watch out for this, and allow the space to invite your child in.

I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but either way it is GENIUS.  You can mount white vinyl rain gutters from Home Depot to act as book shelves.  Here’s a photo from Beth from Sunshine on the Inside so you can see what I mean.

SUPER SMART, RIGHT?! Don’t forget to check out Beth’s blog:


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Thanks for reading friends!