Hey friends! I’m so glad you’re here. After falling back this weekend, and not getting any extra sleep, Reid and I are up nice and early again today.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen most of the day. I baked and pureed sweet potatoes, and prepared a banana and white grape juice mixture for my Reid. Ivy and I made a strawberry banana cake for Tim. And I made cornbread muffins to eat with our leftover chili. A busy and blessed day.

Here is what’s on the menu for the rest of the week.

Crock pot chicken pot pie
Chicken alfredo
Bbq pork roast cheesy potatoes
Grilled cheese and ramen
Bacon cheeseburgers & fries

And today I’m sharing a family favorite, a creamy and delicious “pot pie”. I make the filling in the crock pot and serve over biscuits. It just takes a few ingredients, and I’ll bet you have some of them on hand now. Let’s get to it.

Creamy Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie



Four frozen chicken breasts
1 family can of cream of chicken soup
One bag of frozen mixed veggies (I use a mix of carrots, peas, green beans, and corn. The bag in the photo is family size, but you just need a regular sized bag.)
Biscuits (I use Pillsbury Grands frozen biscuits because I can make a many or as few as we need. And they’re really yummy)


Place frozen chicken breast in your crock pot.

Pour can of cream of chicken soup over the chicken.


Cook on high for four hours.

Add your frozen veggies to the crock pot for final 30 minutes.
Take chicken out and shred it up. I like to season it with salt and pepper at this time.

Stir in the shredded chicken, and let it all sit in the slow cooker about 10 minutes.

Prepare your biscuits.

Serve the pot pie filling over your hot biscuits.


Enjoy the yummminess.

Note: You could also cook and shred your chicken, then add the cream of chicken soup and veggies and cook another 30 minutes or so.

Don’t you just love pot pies? Tim always corrects me that this is not a pot pie.. but it’s good enough for me! Creamy goodness, chock full of veggies and tender chicken. Mmm mmmm mmm,

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I don’t know about this time change business. I hated waking up with Reid at seven am and it was still dark, so I thought I would appreciate the change.  But instead we’re up at six and it’s still dark. How’s the time change treating you?