Have you ever felt like your whole life was out of whack, off track, or all around unorganized? That’s how I have been feeling lately. About everything. Budget. House cleaning. Diet. Meal planning. Time management. Everything.

When your whole life is out of control it’s so hard know where start. I try to be realistic. I can’t fix everything at once. I’ll have to start by improving one area of my life, and build on it from there.

I decided to begin with something that has been driving me particularly crazy. This dirty house. Today’s Thursday Top Three is three different cleaning schedules that I am going to combine and use to get our mess under control.




I’m planning on putting these suggestions together to find something to fit my schedule and motivation. I know not to shoot too big, but I have to know where I’m going.

Here’s to hoping.

Do you follow a cleaning schedule? I would love to know how you keep a clean house. I’m starting to think a clean house is for the birds.