Hello readers! Thank you for visiting my blog.

I was really really hoping to come home from Junkstock with some amazing pieces to show you and a few project pieces that I could feature.

That’s just not how it worked out.

When there are over 150 vintage/junk vendors with treasures to explore in one place, you’ll need more than a couple hours to see it all.

I can’t make buying decisions when in a time crunch. Or when something better might be around the corner, even if I am not able to look at it all. And sometimes I am just not in the mood to buy.

Tim and I had to walk by a few vendor booths without going in to scour its goodies. We left about half the grounds untouched. That just about broke my heart.

Listen to me being all negative. The weather was awesome. Tim and I were together and kid-free. Just being in the environment there gives you a pep in your step.

We did come home with a few smalls.

First, plastic cookie cutters. A Christmas tree with candy canes and a happy birthday cake. We’ll just use them for play-doh.

wpid-wp-1445022246979.jpeg      wpid-img_20151016_085429.jpg

wpid-img_20151016_085706.jpg   wpid-img_20151016_135416.jpg

And an old knife sharpener with a neat antler handle.


And here are the rest of our photos from the day! You can click the photo to see it bigger.

wpid-img_20151011_124552.jpg wpid-img_20151011_124715.jpg wpid-img_20151011_124806.jpg wpid-img_20151011_125209.jpg wpid-img_20151011_125105.jpg wpid-img_20151011_124952.jpg

Better luck with a mega-haul next time!