The one thing I really wanted in a house, that we didn’t get here, was a dining room separate from the kitchen. But instead we have an eat-in-kitchen that has a little corner for a dining table and chairs.

Smith Kitchen Renovation

So far we have thoroughly enjoyed our retro “dinette set”. It is cute and fits our 50s farmhouse vibe.

Eventually though, we’ll have to retire our yellow gem. And when we do, I would love to put banquette seating into our cozy dining corner.

According to Teri at A Little Design Help, here’s what banquette seating is.

“Banquette seating refers to the built-in benches often found in restaurant seating.”

And here is what I like about banquette seating.

  • The benches can be used for storage.
  • Takes up less room than a regular dining table.
  • Cute and cozy
  • Kid friendly
  • Fun way to add color to your kitchen

Of course I have went to Pinterest to find all sorts of inspiration for this upcoming project. Here are my favorite images that I pinned. Find more images and photo sources on my Pinterest board banquette seating!

colorful kitchen nook
I love how they used this dining area to add color to the kitchen! the chairs, the bench cushions, the pillows, the light fixture, the artwork, wow! It looks like the rest of the kitchen is pretty neutral from what we can see. I love me a white kitchen and this pop of color is fabulous!
What I really love about this dining area is the built in shelves above. I’d definitely want something like this in my own kitchen to display my growing collection of vintage yellow pyrex and other things!
I wish that our dining area had windows like in this photo! The rug and the pillows are beautiful. And, you can tell they use the area under the bench as storage, which I am in dire need of!
I really like the clean look of this one. Also it reminds me that we need to rearrange our ceiling fan and lighting in the kitchen so I can get a beautiful light fixture to put over our new table.
This table is TO DIE FOR. I am about 100% certain Tim could weld a table base like it and put together a wooden top. It is so cool looking! Modern, funky, industrial, eclectic. I love the whole look here.
I am really digging these modern chairs and the midcentury table! This photo is from inside Michael J Fox’s kitchen. Super cool, but I bet the chairs are super expensive.

Someday, we will get around to this project! It is really hard on the credit card to constantly be renovating.. Anyhow, which photo is your favorite? I’d love to hear about your banquette seating dining area!