This week’s #mealplanmonday is missing the meal plan.  And, this recipe is so simple that I can hardly call it a recipe. But perhaps like me, you would like to make your own applesauce. You’d never guess how easy it is.

A wonderful fall time snack. Great as an ice cream topping. Perfect any time.

And all you need is apples and water and a crockpot.


To customize the flavor of your applesauce to how your kiddos like it, you can also add white sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon. Also instead of water you can use apple juice or cider.

To customize the texture of your applesauce, you can hit it with an immersion blender, potato masher, hand mixer, or pour it all into a food processor or blender. Or leave it chunky!

Here’s exactly what I did.

  1. Wash, core, and slice ten apples.
  2. Place in the crockpot.
  3. Add one-half-cup of water.
  4. Sprinkle small amount of cinnamon.
  5. Cook on high for four hours.
  6. Pour into a blender.
  7. Blend until ultra smooth.





My applesauce is not flashy or complicated. To see another crockpot applesauce recipe click the link below.

Now let me tell you why I made the simplest applesauce known to man.

My little baby, our last little one, is six months old. He actually turned six months a few weeks ago, but I’ve been in denial. Usually I am in no hurry to start on solid foods, but this baby drinks bottles like nobody’s business. We are going through SO much formula.

I figured adding some purees would help stretch out his time between bottles since his doctor said he is getting more ounces a day than most babes his age. He is also heavier than 75% of babes his age at 19 pounds!  So it takes a lot to keep up his manly physique. 20151003_140134

With our older kiddo, Ivy, I made all her baby food for the first few months. It was just something I wanted to do so I knew exactly what she was eating. I also thought since I am a stay at home momma it was something extra I could do for my little one. I suppose I am doing it for Reid for the same reasons.

Apples are just one of several foods that are appropriate for baby’s first solids. Sweet potato, squash, avocado, pears, and bananas are also great the first month.

I really planned on making a butternut squash for him first, but I ended having apples before the could get to the farmer’s market to get a squash.

Grandpa’s Apple Trees

When life gives you apples, you make applesauce. It was special to make my children food from these specific apples because they were grown at my family’s farm. My grandpa Schwartz’s farm to be exact.

He has been gone over ten years now, so he didn’t get to meet any of the great-grandkids. He didn’t get to meet my wonderful husband, or see me graduate high school or college.

These apples are special to me. They remind me of him and how much he cared for me and my sister and cousins.

I am honored to feed my baby apples grown from trees he once picked, that he once stood back and marveled at how many apples they could hold.


Memories of my grandpa Schwartz are some of my most treasured memories. As much as I wish he was still around, I know he was not the kind of guy to leave and not keep an eye on things. Like me. His family. And the apple trees.