With a three year old in the house, decorating is pretty much pointless. I could get all fancy and place wheat stalks and burlap and gourds and mason jars all over the house, but Ivy would just play with it all,– throw it, mess it up, whatever. I am going to have her help me decorate our french doors  leading to the deck with those window clingy things, as soon as I get to Dollar Tree to buy some.

So, I am keeping my decorating simple with just a few pieces.

I found these two wooden candleholders at a flea market of sorts this last weekend in Marysville, Kansas.  I have really been into wooden pieces like this lately — serving bowls, trays, utensils.. I love the rich wood tones and colors in these candleholders. I almost considered painting them, but no way. I love them as is.

Can’t have autumn decor without a pumpkin or gourd or something. So I picked up a bag of these white and orange little pumpkins at Wal-Mart.  I liked that they were mostly white.  I knew the white would go well with the candleholders.  I’m sure these pumpkins will get moved all around the house and played with by Ivy, but that’s fine.  They are fun  🙂wpid-img_20150922_093156.jpg

The cork and chalk memo board is something I’ve had for awhile.  It is perfect for any season and I love writing fun messages on it.  Some day I will learn some fancy chalk lettering techniques, but for now I decided to hand write Happy Fall. The fall pheasant picture is actually the front of a card I bought at a thriftstore somewheres along the way.  I love buying stationary.  You never know when you’ll need it. Let’s just say my collection is excessive.


I love that white owl scented wax warmer. I have been moving it around, room to room.  Which is fine because it is awesome.  Neutral color, has some texture, fun subject matter.. really the perfect accessory.




Thanks for checking out my simple fall decorating! Maybe I’ll add some more next week  🙂



Simple FallDecorating