What household chore is a like a huge thorn in your side? Constantly sticking you, stabbing, and consuming your life..? For me, and a lot of other moms, it’s laundry. Man do I hate laundry. I’d like to just throw the dirty clothes away and buy new each week…

Sometimes when I am feeling more ambitious than just throwing it out, I think, if only I had a beautifully styled and perfectly organized laundry room, like the ones I see on Pinterest, then I could get this terrible laundry problem under control.

We did recently renovate our laundry room, but the room isn’t finished and ready to be photographed and featured yet. (spolier: it didn’t help me like doing laundry).

Instead let’s take a look at some beautiful photographs I have pinned on Pinterest.
The perfect laundry room has all the essentials easily accessible and efficiently organized. It has lots of functional and attractive storage.

gray laundry room simplicity in the south
I love the tags on the baskets in this laundry room. And the dark gray color. Can’t go wrong there.
Look at all that beautiful storage! it appears that this room acts as a mudroom and laundry combo. Sadly, that is not how are house is set up.  But wow, the windows, the sink.. it is truly beautiful.
laundry room
A nice surface and laundry basket storage underneath.. what else could you ask for? I need some space to fold in our laundry room. Wait, fold? What’s that?
four generations one roof laundry room
What I love about this room is the shelf over the washer and dryer. It really inspired me to try to make our front loaders seem to built in to the room. We also put ours on pedestals though, so they’re a little high, but still need a counter top type shelf above.
industrial chic laundry room
now that is a designer laundry room. it’s cool because the stainless steel cupboards are very industrial and the frosted glass looking storage above is more homey. What a nice idea to store extra towels, toilet paper, and paper towels in the laundry room. I really like the color of their washer and dryer, too.
quirky laundry right up my alley.
This room I like because it is simple and quirky. It seems more realistic than some of the other images. I love the accessories and the floral curtain to hide the under the sink business. I am really digging the wainscoting across from the washer and dryer and the hooks for storage. It’s all lovely.

To find sources for the above images and to see more beautiful laundry rooms that have (pin)spired me, check out my laundry room/mudroom board by clicking the photo!


What does your ideal laundry room look like? How about a wine fridge… now there’s an idea  🙂