I am PUMPED to show you guys this transformation. It turned out beautifully!


This card catalog is one of the first vintage pieces we bought, and we spent a pretty penny on it, let me tell you.  Actually I can’t tell you how much we got it for because I don’t remember, but it was a lot.  I’m sorta into school/book/library stuff as a book lover and a teacher.  I guess that’s why we do so much with chalkboards. Anyhow…  More photos after the jump!

One thing that is tough about this “transformation” is that I don’t have a good before shot.  Here are a couple.

This photo is meant to be of our amazing dog Raul, but there is the card catalog, sitting on Tim’s homemade sofa table, where it’s lived pretty much since we moved in here.
Tim started taking the hardware off before taking a photo, but here is the card catalog sitting on a work bench in the garage as Tim starts work on it.

So we had the idea to make this beautiful piece into a side table.  I had the idea long ago, and we originally were going to put old caster type wheels on it to make it a table.  That was easier said than done, it just wasn’t working out.

A year or so later, Tim and I really started admiring wood tables with metal modular legs.  Since he is a master welder, I figured he could weld a stand for our catalog. And he did.

Basic steps in this project were:

  1. Remove hardware and clean up the whole cabinet
  2. Create a frame and legs, built to fit the bottom of the cabinet.
  3. Spray paint the legs and the hardware.
  4. Reattach the hardware
  5. Set the cabinet into the new stand.

I cleaned up the outside of the catalog with mineral spirits.  Really any cleaner would have worked.  There were a bunch of tiny little pencil marks on it.  I kind of felt sad wiping them off.

The frame part of the stand is made from angle iron we purchased at Home Depot.  The legs are steel rods, also from Home Depot.

Check out my husband doing his thing <3
Check out my husband doing his thing, welding the frame ❤
Here's the finished frame and legs. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
Here’s the finished frame and legs. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
The sneak peek pic from last week. It was so close to done!

The spray paint we used was Rust-Oleum in the Gold Metallic.  We used just one coat because I didn’t want it too shiny and finished looking, taking the age and character of the card catalog into consideration.  The hardware already was a bronzy color, so it really just got a dusting of spray paint.

And, now here is the finished product! It looks so good, better than I was expecting, and it will be even better once we have a spot for it in the house.





What do you think? It’s going to be so great as a side table next to our new couch..when that’ll be, I do not know.

Let me know what you think! And what you’d put in all those adorable drawers!  I have a few ideas of my own.  Beautiful storage makes me super happy!