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September 2015

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Wednesday Pinspiration : homework stations

Though my kiddos aren’t school aged yet, Ivy does a lot of coloring and painting and playing with play-doh.  I want her to be as artsy as she can, since I have very little in the way of artistic ability. Artistic vision, sure. Carrying it out, not so much.  Kids learn so much through exploring colors and textures, so I am happy to oblige when Ivy wants to watercolor or ‘write a letter’.

All those supplies though make a mess.  I am still working on the perfect solution to this, but in the meantime I have been pinning a lot of ‘homework stations’ on Pinterest.  They’re areas dedicated to the kids or homework or crafting. All you really need is

  1. A sturdy work surface
  2. Kid friendly furniture
  3. Accessible supplies
  4. Functional organization

Here are six of my favorite images I have pinned (so far).  Find the source for each image,and even more pins here! Continue reading “Wednesday Pinspiration : homework stations”

Thursday Top Three: Three Fantastic Food Bloggers

I really enjoy cooking.  I didn’t really think I ever would be the type to like it, but I am.  Cooking a meal that other people enjoy is great. Plus I really enjoy eating what I cook, too.. usually. I have very little ‘experience’ and zero training, so sometimes what I make doesn’t turn out.

I am not a very good recipe follower. Maybe I’m not very good at following directions at all. (It’s true).  My process for making any certain meal involves deciding what I think would be good, and then looking at how other people do it.  I take a little something from a couple recipes and put it together with my ideas, and bam.  When it comes to my recipe inspiration, I have three go to blogs I can trust to steer me in the right direction. They’re great blogs to follow in Pinterest. Continue reading “Thursday Top Three: Three Fantastic Food Bloggers”

Transformation Tuesday: Simple Fall Decorating

With a three year old in the house, decorating is pretty much pointless. I could get all fancy and place wheat stalks and burlap and gourds and mason jars all over the house, but Ivy would just play with it all,– throw it, mess it up, whatever. I am going to have her help me decorate our french doors  leading to the deck with those window clingy things, as soon as I get to Dollar Tree to buy some.

So, I am keeping my decorating simple with just a few pieces. Continue reading “Transformation Tuesday: Simple Fall Decorating”

Meal Plan Monday + 4 Steps to Better Hamburger Helper

It’s VICTORY MONDAY for Packers fans!! 😉 But let’s just jump right in to what’s on the menu!

  • Stroganoff Hamburger Helper with green beans
  • Spaghetti and garlic cheese bread
  • Pot Roast
  • Cheesy chicken and rice with broccoli
  • Grilled cheese and ramen

When I make hamburger helper, I don’t mess around. Sure I buy hamburger helper because I want something cheap and easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to taste like it came from a box. There are a few simple things I do to take it from mediocre to marvelous. Continue reading “Meal Plan Monday + 4 Steps to Better Hamburger Helper”

First Ever Smith Family Campout! (photo gallery)

We are moving away from the DIY projects this Tuesday. Instead the Smiths have transformed into rugged outdoorsmen.

Well not really, but we did go camping! It was our first overnight trip and it actually went really well.

image Continue reading “First Ever Smith Family Campout! (photo gallery)”

Meal Plan Monday + 3 Ingredient Chicken Soft Taco Mix

Meal plan Monday is back! We have had some busy busy weekends lately (including our first ever over-night camping trip with the kids!) and I had been lacking in mealtime inspiration; but here we are.
Continue reading “Meal Plan Monday + 3 Ingredient Chicken Soft Taco Mix”

Thursday Top Three | Lifesavers for parents with 2+ kiddos

Wow, your life really changes when you go from a family of three to a family of four! Two kids is a whole new ball game.  I feel like we barely made it out alive through Reid’s clingy-fussy-eating-all-day newborn stage while Ivy was a wild and destructive two year old.  Moms that have been there know. Let’s just say there was a lot of Curious George and Tablet time.  And once you add another kiddo in the mix, Lord have mercy. Medically, I am done at two. So good luck to you mommas out there with 3 and more! Continue reading “Thursday Top Three | Lifesavers for parents with 2+ kiddos”

Wednesday Pinspiration : stunning laundry rooms

What household chore is a like a huge thorn in your side? Constantly sticking you, stabbing, and consuming your life..? For me, and a lot of other moms, it’s laundry. Man do I hate laundry. I’d like to just throw the dirty clothes away and buy new each week…

Sometimes when I am feeling more ambitious than just throwing it out, I think, if only I had a beautifully styled and perfectly organized laundry room, like the ones I see on Pinterest, then I could get this terrible laundry problem under control.
Continue reading “Wednesday Pinspiration : stunning laundry rooms”

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