I’m sure a lot of you know the immense rabbit hole you can fall into on YouTube. I look up a video on how to contour my face, and two hours later I am watching a documentary clip about the migration patterns of the platypus. That’s a made up example, but you get the point.

Tim is a master of losing hours of his life to YouTube videos. Usually though he is learning something actually relevant to his life. (And I’m watching hours of Backstreet Boys music videos)

So today’s Thursday Top Three pays homage to Tim again, it’s his top three gotta watch ’em DIY YouTube channels. Click their names to visit each channel.

  1. Jimmy Diresta
    • This dude can make ANYTHING. He crafts one of a kind items from wood, metal, whatever.  He is a master of repurposing discarded wood and metal, and makes everything he creates beautiful with meticulous methods. He can also fix all sorts of things.  He is pretty much Tim’s idol.wpid-wp-1440651335750.jpeg
  2. Homemade Modern
    • This YouTube channel features a few different craftsman who use simple methods to create modern furniture.  Their pieces feature clean lines and functionality.  They’re sponsored by Ryobi, so they only use Ryobi tools. Out of Tim’s top three, this one is my favorite.

      … maybe because this guy is pretty hot.
  3. April Wilkerson
    • April is a woman with a lot of know-how.  Her channel is sponsored by Triton tools, and she has a seriously organized shop.  She has built furniture such as bed frames and bathroom vanities, and other home items such as a dog food dispenser.  April also has a blog at http://www.wilkerdos.comwpid-wp-1440651286917.jpeg

What kind of YouTube channels do you subscribe to? I personally like YouTube for the music playlists and makeup tutorials.

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