Have you ever had an idea so amazing that you think “I just HAVE to be the first person to think of this!”? And then find out you were not even close to being the first one whose proverbial light bulb has come on?

I have had two ideas recently that I thought were completely original that I then found online. I’m telling ya, nothing is original when the internet is involved.

Those chalkboard signs made from clear photo stands that I wrote about yesterday, I thought that was such a fresh idea! Nope. I found a photo online when I was writing the post of the EXACT SAME THING.

My other ‘had to be original’ idea was turning our library card catalogue into a side table. Turns out I was way late to that party.

It’s a little disheartening when you think you have some brand new amazing idea only to find out your idea is old news. But, in the case of our card catalogue to side table idea, I used the ideas of all those before me to draw extra inspiration, ahem, PINSPIRATION.
That’s right folks, it’s time for Wednesday Pinspiration.  On our short list of projects to do is making a side table from a vintage library card catalogue that I bought a few years back. Here are a bunch of images I found on Pinterest that I am drawing inspiration from. Click a photo to see its source.



This one is from a library themed nursery. OMGEEE!


This photo is styled by the one and only Emily Henderson


Aren’t they gorgeous! I am super pumped to find the time to make ours into an end table!

So we can all look forward to that 😉



feature photo source: deyangeorgiev/iStock/Getty Images

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_5907447_use-library-card-catalog.html