One of my interests beyond junkin’ and renovatin’ is party planning. I love to throw a cute and coordinated party! I have a pinboard with like a million pins on it about different party themes and decorations and ideas. 

Today’s Transformation Tuesday project is a quick craft that I’ve made to label different foods and such at parties I have hosted. Here’s what you need.

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  • My chalkboard labels I found in the dollar bins up by the registers at Michael’s. You can get more expensive ones back with the wedding stuff, but these are great and cheap
  • Those aren’t my real scissors.
  • The paper pack I bought at Wal-Mart, but you could buy any paper from anywhere that fits your color palette or theme. They have quite a few at Walmart, but  I have also bought single sheets of scrapbook paper from Michaels.  I like the Walmart ones because there are different colors and patterns to choose from in the pack that all coordinate.  I have used this paper for a lot of other projects like my Springtime Wreath and the Plain to Pretty Clipboards.
  • The clear plastic photo stands I also bought at Wal-Mart.  You can get a 12 pack for $13.

Once you have your paper picked out, and your frames and labels ready, it’s time to begin!

  1. Cut the paper to fit your photo frame.
  2. Add a chalkboard sticker to the frame.
  3. Slide your paper into the frame.

wpid-collage-2015-08-03-23_13_57.jpg.jpeg wpid-wp-1438660862208.jpeg

Yay! So cute and so useful.  Maybe labeling pretzels wasn’t the best use, but you get the idea. These are awesome for anytime party guests are at self-serving station like,

  • food buffet
  • potluck luncheon
  • drink cart

or adding their own toppings, like at a DIY

  • chili bar
  • baked potato bar
  • hot dog bar
  • smores bar
  • caramel apple bar
  • nacho bar
  • candy bar
  • ice cream sundae bar
  • popcorn bar
  • whatever else you can think of!

The ones in bold  are ideas I have used at events I have hosted  🙂

There you have it.  I transformed a 99 cent clear plastic photo stand into a cute and useful chalkboard sign.  What would you use one of these signs for? Leave me a comment below!



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