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August 2015

Thursday Top Three: DIY YouTube Channels

I’m sure a lot of you know the immense rabbit hole you can fall into on YouTube. I look up a video on how to contour my face, and two hours later I am watching a documentary clip about the migration patterns of the platypus. That’s a made up example, but you get the point.

Tim is a master of losing hours of his life to YouTube videos. Usually though he is learning something actually relevant to his life. (And I’m watching hours of Backstreet Boys music videos)
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Transformation Tuesday | Sneak Peek

The library card catalog to side table project isn’t quite done. ¬†I was hoping to feature it today, but instead I will give a little sneak peek at the progress!
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Meal Plan Monday + quick ranch taco salad

Is it just me or was that a super fast weekend? Monday already ūüė¶ … but at least my meal planning and grocery shopping is done for the week. One less thing to worry about. We have Ivy’s third birthday party this coming Sunday, so this will be a busy week!

On the menu:

  • Ranch chicken taco salad
  • Chicken, rice and veggies
  • Chicken strips, mashed potatoes, corn and biscuits
  • Waffles
  • Pot roast

Today I would like to share with you another fast and easy meal made with Tyson Grilled and Ready diced chicken breast. Last time we made 10 Minute Quesadillas, and now we are making ranch taco salad, also in ten minutes. Continue reading “Meal Plan Monday + quick ranch taco salad”

The Liebster Award!

Well, as promised, here are the deets of the Liebster Award! I was nominated by Keri, also known as “Repurposing Junkie“. ¬†She takes old cabinet doors, shelves, whatever she can get her hands on and turns them into beautiful and purposeful new pieces. ¬†I have loved following her blog. ¬†In case you missed it above, here is the link to her blog Continue reading “The Liebster Award!”

Thursday Top Three: Tim’s “Everyday Carry”

Oh, boys and their toys. ¬†Fast cars, souped up lawnmowers, power tools… but it doesn’t always mean motor boats and table saws. While Tim has his fair share of power tools and things, his toys are what hangs on his belt and what goes in his pockets on a daily basis.

It’s called an everyday carry – basically what you have on you at all times. But for Tim and a lot of other guys it goes beyond your wallet, keys, and phone. It’a ¬†REAL THING. ¬†It has its own hashtag on Instagram, and a lot of video bloggers are making videos featuring their EDC. Continue reading “Thursday Top Three: Tim’s “Everyday Carry””

Transformation Tuesday | Garage Sale Tips and a Table Makeover

Finally I got to some garage sales a couple weeks back! Garage sales are really one of my most favorite things.  We used to pick up a lot of things at garage sales when we lived in town.  A lot of those things were unneeded, but they were all cheap and interesting!

I have bought a lot of children’s books for my future classroom, and a mess of milk glass vases, dessert plates, and lace tablecloths/curtains for our wedding at garage sales. Continue reading “Transformation Tuesday | Garage Sale Tips and a Table Makeover”

Thursday Top Three | Fall Junkin’ Events

When my sunscreen bottle starts running out and school starts back up, it is clear Autumn is right around the corner. A lot of people are looking forward to cooler weather, bonfires, hoodies, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. ¬†But, my favorite thing about fall is the new slew of junk waiting to be discovered at sales across the state. ¬†Attending a junk sale in the fall wraps up all the best that fall has to offer.. ¬†The crisp air in your lungs, the beautiful foliage in the background and underfoot, and the smell of junk and pumpkin EVERYTHING in your nose…

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Wednesday Pinspiration: Black and White

Hey everybody! This week, for my pinspiration, I’m once again looking to color; a color combo immediately recognizable to anyone- ¬†black and white.

Some may say that black and white is basic, blah, boring. ¬†But I say that black and white is the most versatile combo out there. It is classic, it is fresh,¬†it is bold, it is funky, it is trendy. It can be anything. ¬†And that is why I adore it. Continue reading “Wednesday Pinspiration: Black and White”

Meal Plan Monday + One Pan Enchilada Pasta

The weekend is over already?! Ah man. I sincerely hope you’re feeling rejuvenated rather than frazzled as our new week begins. ¬†I was at Christian music festival yesterday for six hours, so yes I am feeling refreshed, but a little sleepy. Nonetheless, I am excited to share this enchilada pasta recipe, made on the stove in ONE PAN.

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