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This week’s edition is focused on our living room.  When we first put the vinyl plank flooring down in the kitchen I wanted to extend it in to the living room.  Three reasons: It is SO PRETTY TO LOOK AT, the carpet in the living room was stained when we moved in and has only gotten worse (ok, A LOT WORSE), and I love love love an area rug on a wood floor.

I finally have Tim convinced that we should change out the carpet for the vinyl plank, but now we’ll need to repaint because the flooring and the brown walls will be too matchy.  And we need a new couch because the used 1960s one we bought, that I absolutely adore, has finally seen better days. So it sounds to me like we just need a big ol’ overhaul in there.

Wow, I am so excited to finally be giving our living room an identity.  With Ivy getting older I feel like I can move some of toys up stairs to her room, and we regained our basement when my sister and brother in law moved out earlier this month (besides the flooding issue, more on that later), so, it is just time to reclaim the space and give it style and functionality.

Surprisingly to me, I’ve been very inspired by living areas with white walls lately.  It just seems like the thing to do — leave the walls white and bring in color with everything else (HELLO tribal area rug!) I’d like to stick with a mid-century feel with the furniture and accessorize with interesting and colorful pieces.

Now on to the photos! Click the photos to see their sources.

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One piece that I know will be going into our living room is a library card catalog drawer cabinet thing that Tim is custom making into a side table.  We’ve had the cabinet for a couple years now, but we just finally decided what to do with it and how to do it.  Hopefully it’ll be ready to feature on next week’s Transformation Tuesday!

One thing that will be challenging is finding an affordable area rug. I may have to give up my dreams of having a colorful tribal rug, but I will not give up on a colorful rug.. even if that means selling a kidney or something.

Well, that is a wrap boys and girls.  I can’t wait to get started on this project. It will have to wait until our basement is put back together and maybe until the front entryway is done. Watch out for a Pinspiration Wednesday on that one soon!

Oh our poor basement… between leaking ac hoses, faulty pipes, and torrential rain, we just can’t catch a break down there.  Since Liz and Alex have moved out, we pulled the carpet and took out some drywall.  Next we’re sealing with drylock and hoping to God the moisture will stay out. Speaking of moisture, I’m hearing some thunder out there so I’m sure we’re in for another rainy night.

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