For some odd reason, I have always liked refrigerator magnets. I remember as a kid checking out what kind of magnets other people had on their fridge, and moving them around at my grandma Schwartz’s house. As an adult I’ll always stop to rummage through a shoebox full of them at a flea market, reading the names of businesses of yesteryear and turning old kitchy ones over in my hand. I even bought a set of vintage fruit magnets off eBay recently.

vintage magnet, fruit magnet
I had at least three more originally, but Ivy likes them too… and now they’re gone.

When my fruit magnets arrived in the mail, I had to replace the black magnet pieces on a few of them; and that got me thinking- almost anything could be made into a fridge magnet!

So now to rummage through baubles and such I had lying around. Could be jewelry, buttons, barbie accessories, who knows. Whatever goes. Sadly I threw out most of my mismatched, broken jewelry a while back. So instead we made a trip to Goodwill!

So many possibilities! I truly love thrifting ❤

There were quite a few gold pieces jumping out to me at first, so I thought I’d stick with a theme. But, there were other ones I couldn’t pass, so I kind of got a mix.


Love them! The heart one was a big brooch, the little round one was an earring without a match, the white and turquoise one is an earring that had a match and I lost it, and my favorite ones are the gold carved looking clip-on earrings. Here’s how I transformed them into totally rad magnets.

As you’ll see in the next photo, I also used Tim’s Gerber multi-tool/pocket knife.


First things first, I had to remove all the hardware on the backs (earring posts, brooch pins, clips).  Next I attached the magnets. The magnets I bought from Walmart have sticky pads on the backs on them, but I doubled up the adhesion on most of the pieces by using the hot glue as well.

That’s pretty much it.  Tim trimmed the magnets on the teardrop shaped earrings so that they didn’t show through the opening. And I think they all turned out AMAZINGLY!

Beautiful and Functional. Win win.

The second edition of Transformation Tuesday is in the books!  I hope you enjoyed it.  I would really love to hear what you think, and leave a comment telling me what kind of things you would transform into magnets.



PS- Here’s the link to last week’s Transformation Tuesday!