As you may have noticed, I am cranking up the original content around here! I’ll definitely continue to share the home improvement projects we’re doing, but along with that, as I introduced this week, I will be sharing weekly series including Meal Plan Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Wednesday Pinspiration, and Thursday Top Three.  It is my goal to post at least two of these series each and every week.

I hope you took the time to view the first editions of these series and found (at least) one that you particularly enjoyed. I know I majorly enjoyed writing and sharing them with you. If you haven’t taken a look yet, please do so by clicking the photos below.

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I would LOVE to hear from you! Which post(s) did you like, what sort of posts or topics would you like to read on Smith Family Renovations? I am all ears for new ideas that interest you!

Thank you SOO much for reading my blog and for your support.  Liking, commenting on, sharing, and following my blog means the world to me.

I leave you this evening with a quote from none other than Dr. Seuss. And let me tell you, it is tough to stand out in the blogger world.