We have purchased some cool stuff lately, so I thought I’d share some of it! We bought quite a bit from our pals at Old Cottonwood this summer, and some great stuff from other sellers across the state.

We shopped Old Cottonwood’s booth at Junkstock last month and their garage clean out sale the weekend of the fourth.  Then back in May during Memorial Day weekend we shopped the Gatherings on the Blue sale. We have been junking our little fingers to the bone.

So here they are: my most favorite finds from this summer.

From Old Cottonwood:

  • An old cutting board. I have big plans for the cutting board; maybe it will be made into a neat personalized gift, maybe I will just hang it on the wall as is, or maybe I will make it into a tablet/recipe holder.

    #OCW loot
  • A pretty blue wooden box.  This hasn’t found a home yet; initially I was going to set it on my counter to put fruit in.  But, with the lid closed I forgot my apples were in there and they went bad.
  • A black oval frame, which will soon be hanging in the kitchen across from the chalkboard menu.
  • Two gray cracked ice chairs that will be joining our collection of kitchen chairs to rotate in when company is over and when one is broke.  They were $5 a piece!
  • A beautiful paisley shaped divided dish. This would be a great place to put your jewelry on at the end of the day. Problem is, I don’t have any jewelry to take off. So, I haven’t decided what to do with it, but my word is it pretty.

From North Creek Antiques at Junkstock

  • A stainless steel cake plate with cover. I had wanted a pretty 50s/60s floral cake carrier, but we weren’t finding one.  And then Tim reminded me that this stainless one would go with our awesome canisters.  We had to replace the handle on the cover with a leftover wooden knob from Reid’s room because the orig
    SERIOUSLY. Isn’t that canister cute!

    inal was cracked and sharp. I am hoping to find a knob like the ones on the canisters, but that seems pretty unlikely. I can’t wait make a cake to put on it!

From Effie’s Salvage Barn at Junkstock

  • A couple of vintage clipboards. Big plans for those as well.  😉

At The Gatherings on the Blue sale we scored a cute ceramic cookie jar canister. I’m not sure of the vendor’s name there.  I had just been wishing that I had a cookie jar, and I loved that this one had a gasket lid.

A lot of the stuff I’ve picked up lately has been for the kitchen. I think that is because I have a clear vision of what I want in the kitchen. And the rest of the house doesn’t have a vision.. yet.

Well, that pretty much covers it.  Have you done any junking or garage sailing this summer? I haven’t gotten to a single garage sale yet.  Let me know what kind of fun stuff you have found by leaving a comment below!


Mackenzie and Tim

PS. Do you love that table our treasures are on as much as I do? It is for sale! Handmade from reclaimed wood and steel by my Timothy. Click the photo below to see it.

Rustic hairpin table