Don’t you just love these globe pendant lights?  I’m sure to buy lights like these from Pottery Barn, Apothecary, etc would cost you a pretty penny, but we made them!  They are the perfect finishing touch in Reid’s nursery. And, making them was super easy. Learn how to take an old globe and turn it into beautiful lighting.

My globe I purchased from a Facebook for sale site.  You can find them at thrift stores, antique stores, junk sales, and online. The pendant light kits we purchased from Ace Hardware for $20 a piece.
Here are the steps to make your own beautiful globe light fixtures!
  1. Dismantle your globe. On ours there was a screw on the top arm that released the globe from the arm and base.
  2. Split the globe in half at the equator line. Most globes are assembled by attaching the two halves together, so you should not have to cut it apart. I just pressed on the seam, and the two halves separated.
  3. Cut a hole in the center of the top of each half with a two-inch hole saw bit attached to a cordless drill.
  4. Take your pendant light kits out of the box. We used these.
  5. Slide the light socket part of the light through the globe hole from the top to create a shade for the bulb. Use the provided nut to screw the top part of the pendant onto the top of the socket.
  6. Put a bulb in the socket, and follow the pendant light directions to hang your new lights!
I would love to post another photo here, but dang it, these were hard to photograph! Instead take a look at Reid’s beautiful nursery and the other project we did for it by clicking the photos below!
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