Yay! Tim and I welcomed our second child, Reid, in March. Boy things are sorta uncharted territory for us, but we were of course excited to set up a darling room for our darling boy. 

From looking at Pinterest and narrowing down some of my own interests, I came across the idea of a vintage (who would have guessed?), rustic (again, big surprise), map/traveler/adventurer /arrow themed nursery.

We used an old globe and vintage map prints to accessorize the room. Plus Tim made these awesome wooden arrows to hang on the wall.

So awesome.

This room is another example of working with what you have. First of all, I would never have chosen green carpets for baby boy’s nursery, but that’s what is in the room. Really, they’re nice carpets. Clean, newish, suuuuper plush; so it’d be a little silly to tear it out. But green? Come on.  My idea to work with the green was to keep most of the rest of the room fairly neutral with grays, white, and dark wood tones.  I threw some orange in the mix so it isn’t too boring.

carpet, wood accents/furniture, walls, accents

Secondly, we had to work with the shape of the room. Both of the kids’ rooms in our house are upstairs, which is a glorified attic; They have sloping walls, and not much flat wall space. We decided to paint the side walls of course and the sloped walls.  For the little bit of flat ceiling, Tim framed it out with wood trim stained to match the other dark wood in the room. The shape of the room made finding the best furniture arrangement tricky.

Speaking of furniture, baby boy inherited Ivy’s crib since she is now sleeping in a Minnie Mouse toddler bed.  Ivy still needs her dresser, and we took the changing table downstairs to use, so baby needed a dresser and a changing table.  Since the 1. room isn’t large, and 2. I have to buy a dresser anyhow, we’re opted for a tall dresser that can double as a changing table.
This room was a total pain to photograph,  I’d have more photos if the lighting wasn’t so crappy.  We made really cool light fixtures from an old globe, but I just couldn’t get a decent pic. Maybe another day.
Click on the photos below to see how we diy’d some of the accents in Reid’s room!


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