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May 2015

DIY Globe Pendant Lights

Don’t you just love these globe pendant lights?  I’m sure to buy lights like these from Pottery Barn, Apothecary, etc would cost you a pretty penny, but we made them!  They are the perfect finishing touch in Reid’s nursery. And, making them was super easy. Learn how to take an old globe and turn it into beautiful lighting.

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DIY Vintage Map Letters

I’m sure you’ve seen letters like these being sold maybe on Etsy, or on Pinterest, but I’m telling you (yes you), that YOU CAN MAKE THEM! Yes, these decorated wooden letters are a super easy diy project that makes big impact and has endless possibilities. You can truly find paper in any color or any theme. I’ve done some for both kids’ rooms, but these map ones are my favorite.

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Reid’s Rustic Traveler Nursery

Yay! Tim and I welcomed our second child, Reid, in March. Boy things are sorta uncharted territory for us, but we were of course excited to set up a darling room for our darling boy. 

From looking at Pinterest and narrowing down some of my own interests, I came across the idea of a vintage (who would have guessed?), rustic (again, big surprise), map/traveler/adventurer /arrow themed nursery.

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DIY Springtime Bicycle Rim Wreath

 Aah, springtime.  The most wonderful time of the year.  I’m always inspired to spruce things up around here or make something crafty.  This inspiration was multiplied by being 8 months pregnant and hitting nesting mode.  I made this just a week and a half before my little babe was born.  I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

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