Tim and I finally finished our bedroom! And, we did it the way we do a lot of things. No, not fast and dirty. On the cheap! Our only expenses were screws for the bedframe, paint and painting supplies, and bedding. There were things that we would have liked to change, but were going to be expensive, we decided to work with.

Case in point, the straight from the 80’s gold framed mirrored sliding closet doors.  Personally, I love having the mirrors on the doors. What I wasn’t too fond of is the gold tracks/framing. We thought about taking them off and going for the open look, but we didn’t need the visual reminder that I never hang up our laundry. Also, we figured they’d be expensive to replace and tricky to stain/paint. It was more of a hassle than we were willing to put up with.  So, we decided to make the gold work with our overall scheme, pairing it with white, navy, and coral.  This way, we also go to keep the gold knobs on the built in cupboards, the sconces (though, they’re next to go), and the gold on the ceiling fan.

The other component of the room we decided to keep was the carpet.  I would have loved to replace it, but we decided to keep that money in our pocket.  It isn’t particularly dirty or ugly, so we went over a couple stains with our portable spotlifter, and called it a day.

We also saved money by Tim making the headboard and the bedframe. You can see how we (he) made the headboard here! And, you can look at the tutorial from Decor and the Dog that Tim used as a guideline here.  We were lucky to have lots of reclaimed wood to use for these projects, which kept the cost very low.  I love my resourceful (and handsome) husband.

The nightstands we also got for free from Tim’s sister and brother in law that were gutting a house.  We literally dug them out of a dumpster, painted them white, painted the legs gold, and they are adorable! It is worth mentioning that I arm wrestled Dan for them, because he saw them first. He of course beat me, but let us have the nightstands anyway.   🙂  What can I say? I’m a charmer.

Any accessories are things I had lying around without a proper home.  We even expanded our color pallet in order to use curtains we hadn’t found a place for since moving, just to save a few bucks. Other product details are listed at the end of the post.

I love the paint color with our dark furniture.

I gotta admit, the headboard and bedding make the room!

Tim says, “The lampshade’s gotta pop!” 

Remember my add ‘something fresh’ and ‘group objects’ in three rules? Viola  🙂

This picture shows where we used more reclaimed wood.  We were having a  hell of a time getting the wallpaper out of these small areas, so Tim nailed in a couple pieces of rustic lath to cover it up and add some great texture.

I think my photog skills are increasing til I get to a pic like this, lol.

Gold dipped legs? I die.

Ivy has been hooo hooo’ing at this guy all day.
  • paint color: Seal Gray by Glidden
  • comforter and shams: Seersucker by Threshold from Target in Xavier Navy
  • sheet set: Nate Berkus for Target in Coral Crosshatch
  • curtains: Threshold from Target (we’ve had these a couple years, I can’t find them online but we did see them in store.)
  • lampshade: Room Essentials Hardback Faceted Lamp Shade in Avalon Sea from Target

Can you tell I love Target?  I want to add a few more accessories, hang some stuff on the wall, but otherwise, this room is done! Boom!

Do you love Target too? Leave me a comment of your favorite Target find! I seriously love this comforter.

Click the photo below to see how we made the headboard!