Like I mentioned before, washi tape is the shiz.  I used it on the centerpieces for the brunch, as seen here! And, as promised, here are more easy ways to use washi tape at your next get together!

For Liz’s bridal shower brunch, I purchased washi tape from Koyal Wholesale ( They have lots of styles and patterns to choose from.  Prices are reasonable too! I love washi tape for personalizing a party and bringing together the theme/color scheme. See how I used it to do just that, after the jump.

I ‘monogrammed’ the plates with the bride-to-be’s new last name. Luckily, M has only straight lines.  You could also put other designs on the plates to match your theme.  Think numbers, shapes, symbols.  For Ivy’s first birthday, I used washi tape to make a cute little 1 on the cake plates.

I wrapped the ends of the plasticware with washi tape.  I had wanted to gold dip the ends, but it turns out this was a lot easier. I placed the end of tape about halfway up the utensil, stuck it down to the end, used the end of the utensil to rip the tape of the roll, and them folded the edges around the sides, smoothing the piece of tape towards the bottom. I don’t know if anybody really appreciated this, but I thought it looked oh so cute!


Seriously, I think I need a whole Pinterest board for washi tape.  You can use it about a million other ways besides party decorating.  Here is a link to a blog post from Mariely at Sensational Creations outlining some more.  Click me!

Click the photos below to see part one and two of LIz’s Mint-to-Be Bridal Shower Brunch!