Well, it looks like our master bedroom is the next room we’re going to be tackling.  From the wallpaper to the brassy cabinet hardware, it needs it. Actually, we might leave the gold looking goodness.

As with any project, I have painstakingly planned out our new bedroom on Pinterest. You can view my Master Bedroom board by clicking here. A few inspiration pics are after the jump!

Our chosen color pallet is grey, brown, coral, and navy.  Our bedroom furniture is already a nice deep brown.  I’m planning coral for the bedding and accessories.  We’re painting one wall navy and the others grey. We want it bold, a little rustic, and a lot luxurious.  I’d like to change out the carpet, but we do no have the money for that.  The whole project is low budget!

The best part is that Tim and I made a diy headboard, and Tim is building the bed frame! It’s so cool to be incorporating things that we’ve made. We’ll be sharing those projects later on  🙂

I am not looking forward to taking down the wallpaper, but it must be done!

See the headboard we made and how the whole room came together by clicking the photos below!



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