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April 2014

We made a headboard!

I have looked at about 1000 diy headboards on Pinterest.  Maybe I’ve become pseudo-obsessed. Headboards just fancy up the bed!  Tim and I have been sleeping on a metal bedframe without a headboard for a long time.  Back before we were married, Tim made me a shoddy (sorry Tim) “upholstered” headboard.  This time, together we made a beautiful, re-purposed, rustic headboard. 
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Liz’s Mint-to-Be Bridal Shower Brunch, part three: I heart washi tape

Like I mentioned before, washi tape is the shiz.  I used it on the centerpieces for the brunch, as seen here! And, as promised, here are more easy ways to use washi tape at your next get together!

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Starting the Master Bedroom Redo

Well, it looks like our master bedroom is the next room we’re going to be tackling.  From the wallpaper to the brassy cabinet hardware, it needs it. Actually, we might leave the gold looking goodness.

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