So handy and so cute, I am digging these chalkboard signs!  Here is how I made made my own for Liz’s bridal shower brunch.

I started off with two cookie sheet type trays that Tim and I picked up at thrift stores.
Both trays had seen better days. I don’t have a good before shot of the second one.

Next, with Tim’s help, I scrubbed the sheets with a green brillo pad.  This helped scratch them up just a bit, giving the paint a nice surface to stick to.

Before (ok, during) and After

The paint we used is Rust-Oleum Specialty ChalkBoard spray paint. It can be purchased at any hardware store, or pretty much any store that sells spray paint. Here’s what the can looks like.

We put two coats of paint on each cookie sheet.
Here is after one coat. It is still drying.

Next, I brought the pans inside. Here is how the first pan turned out.

Ivy dragged it around the kitchen floor for a while, so it got a little scuffed up. I could have added another coat to give it a smoother look.
As I was trying to figure out the best way to display my two creations, I remembered a wrought iron easel I had that came with a wedding gift. I busted out a nice piece of white chalk, and Behold!
With the other chalkboard sign, I had to get a little more creative on how to display it.  Here’s what I did. You could probably figure out a simpler/more effective way to do this!
I took out a hammer and a nail, and nailed two holes into the outer edge of the tray about an inch and a half a part.  Then I took some mint green ribbon that I had and threaded it through both holes from the front to back. I had to use the nail to pry the ribbon through the hole, which was a big pain.  Next I cut off one long piece, and tied knots in the ends so they wouldn’t slip through the hole.  When I pulled the ribbon so that the knots were against the holes, the loop part was really long. I decided to tie a knot in the top to create another loop, and to shorten the ribbon.  Lastly I trimmed the ends in the back and hung my creation up.
I was flying by the seat of my pants when I did this.  It was hard to get pics because I never knew what my next step would be.. Here is a shot of the back of the sign with the ribbon knots.
So cute!

I hope you liked my post! You can easily adapt this project to create a chalkboard to fit your needs.  Leave me a comment below about how you’d use these!

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